How do I make the cows say things?

Type your message in the text box at the bottom of the page and press "Moo It!". The cow will say your message. Or at least, it will be displayed in a speech bubble.

How do I get multiple cows and/or make them face different directions?

The '@' character separates your text across cows. Sticking in an '@' puts the following text in a new cow. For example, this creates three cows:

    Mooo? @ Moooo. @ Mooo!

Note that there is a space both before and after the '@'. This is very important! Without it, the '@' will remain part of the message. For example, this becomes one cow's message:

    I'm a cow.  Email me at  I'm @cow on Twitter.  I
    don't use Facebook.

You can tweak the behavior of the cow generator by putting certain characters after the '@'. Specifically:

As a special case, if the first two characters are '@@', the first '@' is dropped and the rest of the sequence is inserted into the text. This lets you make the cow say things that would otherwise be separators:

    A separator looks like this: @@>!.

Why are some of the characters replaced with question marks?

Unfortunately, this website can only deal with plain, old-school ASCII text. All other characters are replaced with '?'.

The underlying reason for this is that depends on the fonts having a fixed width (i.e. all characters take up exactly the same amount of space on the screen.) The default fixed font doesn't do this for (most) non-ASCII characters and this wrecks the layout.

Think of it as replicating an 1980's North American computing experience.

How do I share my cow dialogues with others?

There is a link to a view-only version of this dialog at the bottom of the page labeled "view-only". Copy it to your clipboard (on Firefox, this is right-click and "Copy Link Location"; other browsers may vary) and paste it into your preferred messaging system.

There's also a link labeled "editable" that opens your dialog in a normal page for when you want your recipient to be able to edit it.

Clicking on "editable" or "view-only" doesn't do anything.



It's hard to do and I'm lazy. Also, you don't actually need it for anything except copying the link to the clipboard. If you really want to view the link, just open it in a new tab or window.

Who made this? And why? And how?

All of the details are here.

Why the question-and-answer format?